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Kilenya Chronicles by Andrea Pearson

forsaken prince andrea pearson Forsaken Prince, Kilenya Chronicles Book One

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Sometimes magic comes to those who least expect it…

Jacob Clark doesn't have time to believe in fantasies. He goes to school, works his after-hours job hard, and does what he can to keep his family above water. So after a mysterious girl tells him he's a prince from another world, he laughs the story off as fiction. But when his family is kidnapped by very-real attackers, Jacob has no choice but to team up with the girl to get them back…

In just 48 hours, Jacob must cross worlds to retrieve a magical key and rescue his family. With only the girl's misfit band of traveling companions and his own untested abilities at hand, the quest seems doomed to fail. But this is one job he can't bear to lose. To save his family and the kingdom, he'll have to live up to his princely legacy…

Forsaken Prince is the first book in a series of coming of age fantasy adventures. If you like original magic systems, imaginative monsters, and fast-paced action, then you'll love Andrea Pearson's series.

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ember gods andrea pearson Ember Gods, Kilenya Chronicles Book Two

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Jacob Clark’s new abilities are a blessing and a curse. He’s a hero for returning the magical Key of Kilenya to its rightful owners, but at school he's starting to get noticed for something other than his basketball skills. And the attention is freaking him out.

Balancing both worlds is tricky enough, but Jacob has tasked himself with saving Aloren who’s trapped in Maivoryl City by the Ember Gods. He doesn't want to wait for the potion that will protect his team from the corrosive influence of the Lorkon, but the desire to prove himself to the high school basketball coach conflicts with his plans to rescue her.

Feeling pulled by both sides, Jacob must walk a tightrope of warring worlds with lives on the line. Lives that will be lost if he doesn’t figure out how to complete his quest and balance his abilities. Fast.

august fortress andrea pearson August Fortress, Kilenya Chronicles Book Three

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Since Jacob Clark discovered his abilities, his life has changed for the better—and the worse.
The basketball coach won't notice him and high school is much more complicated than before. Jacob finds himself needed more and more in Eklaron where his abilities are saving lives. And then the call comes—he and his friends must rescue the powerful Shiengols from August Fortress where they've been held for fifteen years. The only problem is, Lorkon traps are everywhere and getting past them might be impossible.

The closer he gets to his goal, the harder the traps are to overcome. Can he master more of his powers to fight the traps? Or has Jacob finally met his match?

rise of keitus andrea pearson Rise of Keitus, Kilenya Chronicles Book Four

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Jacob Clark's fantasy adventure has reached its most dangerous phase yet. A swarm of blood-ridden insects overwhelms Taga Village—threatening the existence of the Makalos—and the secret regarding Akeno's strengths is about to be revealed. Not only that, but Jacob's newly honed abilities allow him to discover the origin of the evil Lorkon. But finding out may be his deadliest mission yet.

Join Jacob and his friends in this fourth installment in the Kilenya Chronicles as they strive to prevent the Lorkon disease from destroying Eklaron and Earth.

eyes of the sun andrea pearson Eyes of the Sun, Kilenya Chronicles Book Five

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In this, the fifth installment of the Kilenya Chonicles, Jacob Clark masters his last magical ability to harness energy from the sun, which leads him to the location of the Key of Ayunli. Unfortunately, the Lorkon learn where it is, too, and they race to see who will get to it first. But complications rise as Jacob and his friends are tasked to release Lasia, the Fire Pulser, while Azuriah declares that they must rid the land of Gevkan from Lirone, the sky-dwelling monster.

golden symbol andrea pearson Golden Symbol, Kilenya Chronicles Book Six

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In the final installment of the Kilenya Chronicles, Jacob Clark and his friends only have two months to prepare for their enemy’s return—an event which is sure to bring war—and to discover the recipe for the special antidote that will cure the Lorkon. As things become more and more dangerous, Jacob is surprised to find help in the most unlikely people and places. Things look up briefly when Azuriah agrees to share the well-guarded secret of the Golden Symbol. With its help, Jacob may have a chance against the Lorkon, but even so, he and his friends are greatly outnumbered.

Will they be able to find the recipe and create the antidote before the Lorkon arrive, or will Eklaron—and Earth—fall into the hands of the evil empire for good?

Kilenya Stories by Andrea Pearson
stolen princess andrea pearson Stolen Princess, A Kilenya Adventure

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His wife stolen, his castle ransacked, and the future of his kingdom hanging by a thread... can Dmitri find the courage he needs to face his greatest fears?

Prince Dmitri returns to his castle from a diplomatic mission only to find that his pregnant wife, Arien, has been kidnapped by unknown immortal, evil beings. He and a group of devoted friends set out to rescue the princess, determined to reach her before anything happens to her. The traps they encounter along the way make them question their ability to achieve their goal, however. Will Dmitri reach Arien before the evil kidnappers kill her and their unborn child?

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grail bestiary andrea pearson Grail Bestiary Volume I: Creatures of Grail and Kilenya

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The primary purpose of this book is to display illustrations of creatures from the Kilenya Series and the upcoming Grail comic. Although not every creature from either series is presented here, it is our intention to provide a representational selection.

We hope you enjoy our choices in the first Grail and Kilenya bestiary.

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