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Koven Chronicles by Andrea Pearson
shade amulet andrea pearson The Shade Amulet, Koven Chronicles Book One

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Lizzie's day job is dangerous but straightforward.

Use her magic to stop fires. Bombs. Guns.
Her night job is entirely different.

She must hunt and kill evil creatures—shifters set on devouring her. Vampires that drain their victims' blood before consuming them in flame.

And without the Shade Amulet, it's impossible.

Unfortunately, she doesn't have the Amulet yet.

She isn't the type to sit and wait, though. Luckily, neither is her partner.

Abel's past is dark, his motives unknown. He's secretive. Attractive. Powerful. Very powerful. And he's willing to help. But will he destroy them both in the process?

The Shade Amulet will thrill you to the core. It will keep you up late into the night, devouring its pages. Grab it now.

black masquerade andrea pearson The Black Masquerade, Koven Chronicles Book Two

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There's nothing like a ghost visiting you while you're waiting in line at the grocery store. Unfortunately for Lizzie, that isn't the only supernatural visit she'll receive...

When an angry ghost named Angelo threatens Lizzie and sets her house on fire, she knows the time has come for her to step fully into her role as destroyer of evil supernatural creatures. But things turn out to be much trickier than expected: the amulet doesn't function as she thought it would and fire vampires with unknown motives have set up camp in a nearby canyon.

Not only that, but the effigy that is distracting hounds from devouring her is still on the loose, and its shade owners want it back. They hand her an ultimatum: return the effigy, or they'll command it to destroy her.

And yes, it's something they can do.

Will Lizzie keep the ghosts happy while performing her sanctioned duties or will the hounds catch up to her before she's safe? Find out now by downloading this edge-of-your-seat urban fantasy by bestselling author Andrea Pearson now!

temple of flames andrea pearson Temple of Flames, Koven Chronicles Book Three

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Even her allies are enemies . . .

Lizzie Ashton has been called to destroy the evil Hounds of Tindalos. But without the help she was promised to have, she can't possibly do her task. Now, she must put her day job as Fire Impeder on hold long enough to travel halfway across the world and confront an ancient demon with a mysterious past and a hidden future. Abel, a man who confuses her more than anyone she's ever met, accompanies her, but much of her task must be performed alone.

With trips to a creepy graveyard in Holland, ancient ziggurats, and the world's deadliest fortress, Temple of Flames will have you biting your nails. The tension is high, the action is nonstop, and the characters are worth falling in love with.

Can Lizzie be strong enough to face ancient and formidable opponents when even her allies are enemies? Find out now by grabbing your copy of this heart-stopping and edge-of-your-seat urban fantasy!

crimson hollow andrea pearson Crimson Hollow, Koven Chronicles Book Four

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When Lizzie’s most trusted companion can’t be there, who will she turn to for help?

Lord Kenan stepped toward me, then paused. “I’ll give you a head start.” I backed away, barely able to hear over the pounding in my ears. Instead of the intense anger I expected to feel—I was sure that would come later—only fear flooded my system. Spine-numbing, heart-stopping fear.

With a wounded body and determined spirit, Lizzie escapes from Lord Kenan, expecting him to give chase immediately. But even though the spells that bind him to his graveyard are weakening, they still hold him in place, buying her time to start gathering an army before he can break free. With supernatural attacks happening regularly, though, on top of her usual Fire Impeder duties, Lizzie has her hands full.

She expects (and hopes for) assistance from Abel, but her efforts to reach him are fruitless. And when the mountains start going up in flames, Lizzie is forced to turn to unlikely allies, including her elderly neighbors and Eleanora, the previous Fire Impeder.

Will Lizzie and her misfit band of companions find a way to stop the flames and the supernatural attacks? Grab your copy of Crimson Hollow right now to find out!

forbidden knowledge andrea pearson Forbidden Knowledge, Koven Chronicles Book Five

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How much time is enough to do the impossible?

Lizzie receives a device that will help her find the deadly Hounds of Tindalos along with a very strict warning to return it before the end of ten days. But she also must destroy Lord Kenan while he’s weakened and still in his graveyard. Unfortunately, both events must take place at the same time.

She and Abel put out a call for help from powerful friends but they soon find not everyone has the ability to support Lizzie when it comes down to it. And at the last minute, when things are most precarious, she may discover she’s her own worst enemy . . .

Can Lizzie and her friends complete both missions before her deadline or will traitors and weak minds cause their downfall? Grab your copy of this edge-of-your-seat urban fantasy in the popular Koven Chronicles now to find out!

demon of darkness andrea pearson Demon of Darkness, Koven Chronicles Book Six

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Missing a deadline from a ghost is a very, very bad thing. And Lizzie is about to find out just how bad.

When Lizzie fails to deliver a borrowed device after her time with it has ended, she brings down the ten plagues of Egypt across the countryside. But as she witnesses the devastating effects, she is even more upset to find that the people who once trusted her are turning their backs and refusing to allow her to assist them. Governor Boggs’ campaigns designed to make everyone hate her definitely aren’t helping.

Luckily, she has ever-faithful Abel at her side along with many loyal friends. Because even while dealing with lice, boils, and other horrible plagues, Lizzie still must hunt and destroy hounds and prepare for the coming of one of the most evil demons ever to live.

Can she fulfill the quest she was called to perform or will Lord Kenan and the immortal hounds rain terror down on her and her friends? Find out now by snagging your copy of Demon of Darkness, the final, thrilling book in the Koven Chronicles!