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Ranch City Academy series by Andrea Pearson
Illustrated by James E. Curwen
bezzas enchantments andrea pearson Bezza's Book of Enchantments, Ranch City Academy Book One

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Carter's life changes when an old man entrusts him with a book of magical spells. Ridge, his best friend, wants to try one of the spells—the power to bring people back to life—but Carter isn't comfortable with the idea. He finally consents when Ridge suggests they resurrect an obscure composer they've been studying in school. But will the spell work, and if it does, will the boys agree never to do it again?

jewel thief andrea pearson The Jewel Thief, Ranch City Academy Book Two

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Should Carter raise a detective from the dead to stop a famous thief?

Carter suspects his former best friend, Ridge, is up to something, and he’s not surprised it has to do with bringing a dead person back to life. When Carter learns that the person Ridge brings back is a famous thief, he must race to stop them both. Unfortunately, it means he’ll also have to resurrect someone.

Will Carter and the detective stop Ridge in time before the principal of their school is robbed or will Ridge and his thief succeed?

world war school andrea pearson World War School, Ranch City Academy Book Three

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It's been a year since Carter last had to raise someone from the dead to stop Ridge, and he has almost begun to relax. Almost. Before he can fully adjust to being a student at junior high, though, he and Ridge get in a fight, and Carter knows Ridge will do anything to find revenge.

He just didn't expect Ridge to stoop this low.

Carter must now raise Winston Churchill from the dead to stop someone Churchill has stopped twice before. Someone with the power to unite people to an evil cause. Someone who hates anyone different from himself. Someone who wouldn't think twice before murdering, because he's done it millions of times before.

Join Carter and his friends as they fight to bring justice to their school and put an end to Ridge's tyranny. Download World War School now!